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By using our inmate package program, you eleminate the opportunity of contraband entering your correctional facility making a safer, more secure facility environment.

How Does It Work?

Union Supply Direct Secure Packages were developed with the facility interests in mind. By using our inmate package program, you eliminate the opportunity of contraband entering your correctional facility that typically occurs from packages sent directly from family members. Eliminating contraband makes for a safer, more secure facility environment. In addition, using our package program saves you time and money be eliminating the need to x-ray and inspect packages.


8-Step Secure Blind Fill Process

How will our package process guarantee every inmate package to be free of contraband? Our 8-Step Secure Blind Fill Process is the answer.

  1. Secure Order Receipt

    Orders are received via phone, mail, fax, or internet.
  2. Secure Order Entry

    A customer service representative enters the order into our computer system.
  3. Secure Order Transfer

    The order is sent electronically to a secure area in the warehouse.
  4. Secure Pick Ticket

    A pick ticket for each order is printed in the warehouse. The pick ticket never contains any information such as inmate name, number or purchaser information.
  5. Secure Order Picking

    The pick ticket travels on an automatic conveyor belt stopping at various picking stations as the order is pulled and verified on a hard copy ticket.
  6. Secure Order Verification

    An invoice clerk verifies the package contents electronically by scanning the barcodes of each item.
  7. Secure Order Packing

    All items are organized in heavy gauge boxes for shipping to ensure all products arrive damage free. For extra protection, like items and items that could spill or leak are bagged together in clear bags and sealed.
  8. Secure Shipment

    The completed package travels to its final station to packing clerks who print the invoice and UPS label and tape up the package with pre-printed tamper-proof security tape.

Customize Your Program

Whether you need monthly, quarterly, seasonal or yearly programs, just tell us the important features that you need and we will have your program up and running in no time at all.
  • Determine the program frequency: monthly, quarterly, yearly, holiday, seasonal or any combination you need.
  • Specific ordering dates? Not a problem, just let us know what time frame is allowed and our software will monitor the dates.
  • Who can order packages? Family members and/or inmates?
  • Our layaway program allows the flexibility to make any payment, any amount, at anytime.
  • You pick the specific products you want in your program; from over 7,000 products.
  • Our proprietary software allows us to enforce any type of program parameter you need such as:
    • Product restrictions
    • Product quantity limits
    • Dollar limits
    • Weight limits
    • Limits by inmate status
    • Limits by gender
  • Flexible shipping options such as individual same day shipping, group shipping or one time shipping at the end of a particular ordering period.
  • We design and provide free catalogs, order forms, posters and/or additional marketing materials as needed and distribute all directly to the institutions.
  • Customer websites are designed at no cost.
  • Want to take security to that next level? Apply one or both of the advance security options below:
    • Gluing of shoe insoles to eliminate contraband being hidden in soles of shoes
    • Blind Shipping allows packages to be shipped without an inmate name or number to ensure secure shipping once it leaves our warehouse. The pick ticket, final invoice, and shipping label is printed with a reference number instead of the inmate information. A master blind shipping manifest is then emailed and/ or faxed to the facility automatically each day and is used to cross reference who the package is for.

Dress Out Clothing Program

Dress out clothing is clothing that is worn by an inmate when released from Incarceration.  It is also referred to as release clothing or parole clothing.  By allowing us to be your dress out clothing package vendor, we help to reduce your dress out clothing budget at your facility, and eliminate contraband being sent in from a family member.

The benefits of using our dress out program:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce dress out clothing budgets
  • Reduce facility stocking levels of all sizes of dress out clothing
  • Reduce facility labor needed to inventory all dress out clothing
  • Reduce facility labor needed for stocking all dress out clothing
  • Reduce facility labor needed to receive and maintain all dress out clothing
  • Reduce the amount of labor needed to issue all sizes of dress out clothing
  • Reduce the facility space needed for stocking all sizes of dress out clothing

Holiday Programs

Want to offer your inmates a program just for the holidays? Union Supply Direct Inmate Packages designs programs that allow family members and friends to send holiday packages to inmates across the United States.

Our Holiday Programs offer you all of the same great standard benefits and customized personal services that you receive with all of our other Inmate Direct Programs! As always, as your secure package supplier our programs will help reduce the amount of time necessary to search inmate packages shipped from outside sources thus increasing the safety and security at your facility.

Our same great service and selection just for the holidays!

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